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Tuesday, 18 March 2014 12:03

Parenting The Greatest Responsibility

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There does not go a single day when the police does not get a call complaining of something stinking in the apartment in neighborhood and the apartment being locked from inside.The police breaks the door open to find a person died before few days. Such cases are not confined to any particular country but have pan world presence. Why is it so ? Why have children started growing so insensitive towards the very parents, who spent their lives raising them despite all the difficulties, there are innumerable parents who have all the luxuries of the world yet they are sad, desperate to see their children, and live a lonely life. Many bedridden parents have their eyes fixed to the door hoping to see their children but are disappointed. The cases of children turning their parents out of the houses and not bothering to attend their funeral are rising at alarming rate.

It is high time the society gave it a serious consideration and found the reason for such an apathy and addressed the issue.

Whenever i think of this problem i am overtaken by nostalgia. Therefore i would request all the readers to help me and show me the way to know the reasons and solution to this problem.

All my brothers ans sisters in humanity are requested to help the elderly which they going to be by sharing their valuable thoughts

Tuesday, 18 March 2014 12:01

An Inspiring Story - Farsh se Arsh par

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Once there lived a Tehsilsdar in a small town of TamilNadu state in India. He expired at the age of 45 leaving 4 children to be raised, fed and educated and a heartbroken wife. After the tragic death of the head of the family, the family was totally dependent on a meager (very little) amount of pension of Rs 420. There were 5 mouths to be fed.The once well to do family was now hand to mouth, rather on the verge of starvation. The cup of life had tasted bitter. The eldest child then was 15 years old.

The family had to vacate the rented (accommodation) house and moved to a hut which had no proper water or power supply. The children then had to study under the street lights. The family had to face all the hardships one can imagine. Even the utensils and plates had to be sold or mortgaged and the children were served rice directly in their hands. when the boy would see his mother struggling with poverty he would say " Mom once i become something, I will give you so much of money that you would not know what to do with do with that.

Some of the relatives and well wishers advised the family to send the elder son for some small job, but the brave mother was all determined to give her children the best education possible. Despite the back breaking poverty the brave mother ensured the children continued to study. The eldest son did well and qualified the exam both for medical and engineering. The boy along wit hs mother left for Medical college admission at Tirunanveli. On the way to Medical College the boy told his mother the if joined the medical college here, my life would be limited to this place only and I wish to see the world. The destitute and desperate mother then advised the boy to listen to his heart and feel free to do what wished to do. The idea of Medical was aborted and the boy decided to pursue Engineering from Ann Malai University at Chennai.

The mess fee at university was Rs 250 per month whereas the family income was about 450 yet the mother and son duo put up a brave face and took the life head on. The son studied Engineering and came out with flying colours. During his college life he never had enough money to pay the mess fee and was always a defaulter. Many a times he was either denied meals or could not afford to have in the mess and had to depend on the tiffins of his peers. He had to remain fasting so frequently that he got used to it. On the day of his final exam he had not eaten anything for 36 hours and fell unconscious in the college soon after writing his exam.

Since he was a bright student he was picked up by TCE Tata Consultancy Engieering from the college and was asked to join at Mumbai. He came to Mumbai got down at Dadar railwy station took a shower at station and went to TCE office. The manager when saw him in bathroom slippers glared at him and said i do not care where you have come from but here in TCE office we expect you to follow the dress code and come in shoes and not bathroom slippers. He said sorry sir I wish I could comply with your orders. the manager took him to be haughty and arrogant and expressed his contempt. He then expressed his inability to buy a pair of shoes as he did not have money for the same and promised to come in shoes after getting his first salary. The manager was completely moved by the sad plight of the boy and asked him, where he was staying. the boy said Railway station.

The generous manager paid him one month salary in advance and arranged accommodation for him with one of his friends. That is the day he bought first pair of shoes in his life out of his own earning ( what a contentment/ feeling of self satisfaction). The boy then sent the remaining amount of Rs 1500 to his mother to pay the debts.

With in next few months of joining he was sent Bangalore for software training and then to Chennai followed by England. After working in England for some time he moved to America. He has worked with fortune 500 companies like Walmart and rose to become its director. Then he joined and raised the company to newer heights. Today the same boy who once had to take his final exam without eating for 36 hours has an annual package of 45000000.

He has recently been to his native place got the temple inhis place renovated with 1.5 crore. He has helped thousands of students with their education and has adopted 2000 children to raise and educate them. He has launched Global Scholar India Private Limited. To make a positive impact through educating those who can not afford.

He is none other than Kal Raman. "Hats off to the mother and the son"

Wednesday, 12 March 2014 05:56

Attitude Is Sine Qua Non To Success

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All the philosophical, psychological, spiritual and human behavior studies and researches unequivocally admit the fact that it is the attitude that manifests itself in every endeavor a person undertakes and hence can not be overemphasized.

In our day to day life, we encounter many situations wherein we find a big difference in the ways different people respond to exactly same situation. The proverbial example of glass being half full or half full best explains the application of attitude and its importance in our lives.

Our reaction or behavior is our outward expression of our inner feelings. Our inner feelings are nothing but our attitude, which mostly is a result of value system and beliefs we hold close to ourselves and so strong is the bond that many are held hostage bu them. We tend to behave and react in a particular way because we are subconsciously directed by our beliefs to do so.
Very often people all oer the world talk about impottance of positive attitude, this is becaude all the studies and researches substantiate the fact those who succeeded in any alk of life had a different opinion about life, people and circumstances that others did not.

Many a times i am haunted by a big question that is why is there such a differende. To my judgement seeds of this are sowed very early in our infancy and are watered and nurtured by the events that have gone into our upbringing and hence have conditioned us in what we are today.

Following lines written by some great man best explain how is a persons life ia affected and hior her attitude shaped by the way way he has been brought up.

If a child lives with criticism, he learns to condemn.
If a child lives with praise, he learns to appreciate.
If a child lives with hostility, he learns to fihgt.
If a child lives with tolerance, he learns to be patient.
If a child lives with ridicule, he learns to be shy.
If a child.......... and so on

Therefore i may say that almost all of us are product of the circumstances and conditions we have been broughr up in.
Mohd. Tarique Hebat

Tuesday, 12 November 2013 07:37

Group Discussion

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Group discussion has widely been employed as one of the techniques to test the suitability of a candidate for the job and admission for higher studies courses requiring some prerequisite traits.
I always advise my students to know the purpose any technique is used for testing them. The better one understands, why is a technique used, and what does the testing team look for, the better are the prospects of performance and higher the probability of selection. Therefore, I would like to draw your attention to the reasons, as to why is group discussion used in selection process specially, when you have numerous other methods available.
Even a superficial study of group discussion shows, that there are certain traits which either can not be tested through written, psychological or interview tests or even if they can be are not advisable or viable. Unlike other testing methods where the candidate undergoes the test as an individual, in group discussion he/ she has to demonstrate leadership qualities among other participants, whom he has no direct control over. Here in GD he is expected to show articulation, team spirit, caring attitude for other group members, show respect to others, face opposition and criticism in a constructive manner. The situation in GD is akin to the real life situation where you are going to face others who are not your subordinates therby  giving you little authority. Therefore one has to be diplomatic, show respect for others ideas, be quick to analyse what others say and present logical ideas instantly. What you speak is important but how you speak even more important. One must know the difference between the reaction and response and shoul respond rather than reacting. In other  tests his response remains insulated from external factors this makes it difficult to know how will he perform in the group. A person  In order to know whether or not a candidate is endowed with those traits, group discussion is one of the most convenient methods, in terms of time and cost involved.

Some of the most common qualities that a group discussion can bring out are as listed below.
•    Confidence
•    Ability to work in a team
•    Communication skills
•    Ability to deal with opponents
•    Listening skills
•    Spontaneous thought processing
•    Power of expression
•    Understanding of human behavior
•    Attitude towards other members of the team
•    Knowledge
•    Body language
•    Ability to think on his feet
•    Understanding of importance of soft skills
•    Observation
•    Wit etc.

What is Group Discussion ?

Group discussion is a formal selection method in which candidates numbering anywhere between 6 to 12 though optimum number being 8 to 10 are made to sit in a circular or semicircular manner. They are asked to discuss a topic as if,  they are sitting in their college canteen, park or railway station and the topic comes up for discussion. They are told that you all are equal in all regards and are given about 15 to 20 minutes to discuss, which can always be extended at the discretion of testing officer.

    Usually, the the selection of the topic given for discussion depends upon the level of participants. The topic is kept relatively easy, so that the candidates do not get lost.
The candidates are given 15 to 20 minutes to discuss, the question here is why only 15 to 20 minutes, for 10 candidates merely 90 seconds per candidate.
This is basically a strategy designed to create pressure among candidates to speak at the earliest. Each candidate participating in group discussion, knows through his pre discussion research, that the one who takes initiative and speaks first, gets bonus marks over others and everybody wants bonus marks and hence tries to speak first and get bonus marks. The discussion is designed to ensure creation of chaos and noise, which is deliberately done to give the natural leader in the group, a chance to lead the group to discussion in an orderly manner. Since everybody is expected to try to take initiative, and speak first with nobody listening. This deliberate creation of chaos is to look for the candidate who has natural leadership quality. The leader who can bring the discussion on track, set the ball rolling and the manner in which he does so, and the qualities that he exhibits while doing so.

The testing officer usually gives a time of five minutes to the group to think and prepare themselves, for the topic before they are asked to start the discussion. On completion of preparation time he asks them to discuss by saying your time starts now. This announcement is likely to be followed by a silence for couple of seconds. A well prepared participant can cease this opportunity and initiate the discussion in a diplomatic way. Through my little experience, I would like to suggest an ice breaking sentence, which can be used as a smooth starter, without hurting others ego or sentiments or antagonizing them.  Following opening can be used depending upon the situation. Right gentleman, the topic has been announced. And we have limited time to discuss, by the time you muster your thoughts. I can initiate the discussion, with your due permission, if you do not mind, thank you for your permission. I would like to say that ………………………………………………….

Let us analyse the merits and demerits of initiating the discussion in the manner mentioned above. How will others receive and react to this opening. The ice breaker sets the ball rolling by telling  the group  that they have limited time to discuss and hence imposes urgency and appeal to not to waste time indirectly meaning not to interrupt him. This creates a psychological pressure the group.  The use of phrase with your permission and consequent thanking provides necessary ego massage to other participants. At the same time leaves other participants unarmed making it difficult to initiate the discussion by cutting the speaker short. Anyone trying to speak before this speaker stands exposed. If someone still insists on initiating the discussion, what is the right approach for the first person. I would suggest he should show understanding and compassion and welcome the interruptor because arguing with him would mean lack of interpersonal relations skills on either side. So the best way is to let him initiate the discussion by welcoming him.
It is also seen that sometimes a speaker oblivious of his time limits exceeds it and continues to speak leaving little time for other speakers. In such situation the testing officer expects someone to stop him but what is important is how it is done. By the time a speaker has spoken for say 90 seconds which is his legitimate time the other participants will come to know whether he is.

Wednesday, 09 October 2013 04:56

English Should Be Accessible And Affordable

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I would like to share with whole of the readers community a thought that often comes to my mind i.e. “What if the world had only one language”. This hypothetical question though a sheer  imagination and remains a wish, yet it seems to be inching towards reality smoothly sailing on the ship of English language.
I for one, therefore would like to take this opportunity, to bother all my like minded brothers and sisters in humanity, who are blessed with liberal mindsets, to support and substantiate my view that since we are one race, one blood, one blood, efforts should be made to have one language. if there could be one language today what should it be ? To my liitle mind it can be none other than english.all.
It is a well established and undisputed fact that English is most likely to be crowned as the language of the new world order. Be it technology, information technology- the life blood of modern day communication, the life saving medical science, banking, finance, law, film industry, the greatest “guru” Google- the answer to all your queries or any other field one may think of, the language is none other than English.
Hence the importance of English language can not be overemphasized today is a well realized ad accepted fact all over the world today. Education system of all the countries are therefore required to make necessary amendments to accommodate this language otherwise they will succumb to their own flaws.

With the advent of information technology  resulting in shrinking of the world into a global village and boosting the speed of communication at a pace that could not have been imagined before a couple of decades, English has become the language of the globe.
Since life is nothing but survival of the fittest, all those who are good at English will have natural advantage over others who are not good will call the shots.

English once was thought to be the language of kings and courtiers is now making inroads into princely palaces and shanties of the starving alike. No society or country looking forward to prosperity and development can afford to relegate this language to back seat.
It is therefore utmost important that due efforts are made to make learning of English easy by making it accessible and affordable to masses.

By Md. Tariq Hebat

Monday, 07 October 2013 06:13

Importance Of Vocabulary

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Man is born selfish, and is driven by his desire to derive maximum possible benefits out of all the enterprises he undertakes, and the convenience with which he can fulfill this desire, determines, the option he chooses, to get, what he or she wants to.
The acceptability of English, as a global language, can largely be attributed to the fact, that this is the language, that seems to be widening the horizons of the development of  the people of the planet, to the extent which no other language seems to be doing. Also, it is due to the convenience that is inherent in this language. It is for this reason that English has outsmarted almost all other languages of the world and emerged as an undisputed information carrier.

Learning, retaining and ability to recall and proper use of words in the right context  is  a major difficulty for the non native  learners. The only way to overcome this problem is practice and regular use of words that one has learnt. Multiple  meanings of the same word, use of same word for various meanings, change of pronunciation with the context are few of the major hurdles in learning this language.
In order to express well one has to have a good command over  word power to convey the best possible meaning in the context required, since English is one of the richest languages in terms of vocabulary, idioms, Phrases, prepositions and proverbs, it is  this richness of the language, that sometimes, makes a poor learner even poorer.

By Md. Tariq Hebat

Thursday, 26 September 2013 05:18

How Indebted I Am

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One fine day, an Ophthalmologist friend of mine advised me to use spectacles, saying that, it was a common phenomenon, after 40 years of age. I got the spectacles made, wearing them was a wonderful experience, that made me think, how blessed I am, to be born in modern era. What about the generations before me, that had weak eye sight but had no access to spectacles. What if the specs had not been invented? What a wonderful and noble job the inventors have done for the mankind

This single invention has more than doubled the productivity of billions of the people, who are above 40 and has given a new life and wings to the dreams of billions of youngsters, with weak eye sight. This incident made me search my soul and it occurred to me- what would have been the fate of these billions of intelligent Scientists, Doctors and Engineers without specs, who, with specs have conquered the world and left an indelible mark. It was that day; that I realized the importance of contribution made by the people in various walks of our lives. It made me think how indebted I am to those great souls.

Ever since I realized this, my attitude towards life underwent a sea change and, I asked myself. What has been my contribution? Does it make sense to amass knowledge, unles, I make some positive change, and make the world a better place to for the generations to come. Thinking of great people like Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jesus, Prophet Mohammed, Guru Nanak, Newton, Henry Ford, Wright Brothers, Thomas Elva Edison, Markoni , JL Bayered And Henry Gajenbear and many other bestowed souls belittle my existence. It makes me realise how indebted and grateful is my existence to them,

What if Newton had eaten then apple like generations before, what if Wright brothers had not attempted what they accomplished, what if Henry Ford and Edison had given up their quest for excellence despite the stiff opposition they faced and succumbed to the failures they faced. What if Henry Gassembear had thought like any other ordinary person like me and confined himself to his personal life.

Since then I developed a habit of brooding over everything that has played a positive role in my life. When I get up in the morning, I switch on the light and thank God for the beautiful world and feel like to thank those unsung heroes, who invented electricity the copper, plastic a bad conducter (insulator),for switches ,the lavatory, the soap, the geyser etc.Than while dressing.

I think many who invented and designed various machines for weaving and stitching

When I go out and I start my car, it reminds me to be grateful to the plethora of inventors who invented and designed numerous parts of my car i.e the battery, tyres, seats, air bags, air conditioner and many more.

When I am sick I got to hospital and realize the contribution of various medical instruments like thermometer, sphygmomanometer, injection x-ray machine, MRI and CT Scan, endoscopy and many more which I do not even know about.

When I think of advancements in medical sciences, it reminds me of the first brave man who split open

Dead body to study its parts and their functions, it gives me goose bumps.

I start thinking had this person been like me afraid of dead body, being a vegetarian, who would never like to see a dead body or who would rather faint to the ground by merely seeing gushing out of the blood. Would such treatment of complex diseases be possible today? The more I think the more I get to believe that I have not justified my existence in this world and that, I have failed to pay the debt, I ought to have.

Therefore I now believe that unless I repay this debt to my predecessors who have done so much to make my life so luxurious and bountiful how can my being better be worthy of it. Oh God have not I failed measurably. Then came a thought “It is never too late to mend” and I have decided to lead a life worth living. I wish, I could strike an idea which will revolutionalise the world one day.

I will certainly do it, I have resolved to be better, not to be better, but to make things better. I hereby invite entire Indian Jc fraternity to join me in the little effort to “be better” to “Make at least one thing better before you depart for your heavenly abode.

Food for thought:-

At last may I have your liberty to draw your attention one question?

I would be greatly honored if I could invite your attention to this question i.e.- Out of thousands of inventions and discoveries the world has made over the span of last 200 years, how many are by you, me, my forefathers, your forefathers or anyone who is an Indian. The answer is none, why so when we are 15% of the world, regarded to be one the most intelligent race that has ever lived on the face of the earth.

By Md. Tariq Hebat